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Celebrating 10 Years As The Lowcountry's Premier Paranormal Research Organization.


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Charleston's Premier Professional Paranormal Research Organization

 GHC is Charleston's foremost professional paranormal research organization with more than 10 years experience in the lowcountry. We have been featured on nationally televised TV shows for HGTV and DIY network, and have investigated historic locations in the Charleston area such as the USS Yorktown, the Old City Jail, The Wampee Plantation, the Elliot House Inn, and others. We also have performed dozens of investigations at private residences throughout the area.If you would like an investigation, please fill out the form below, contact us at ghosthuntersofcharleston@yahoo.com, or call us at 843-608-4046 All 

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Our Approach

There are many different approaches and theories on the topic of the paranormal. Some take a spiritual or psychic approach while others take a pseudo scientific approach. Since there is no way to know all of the facts surrounding paranormal activity, there is nothing wrong with drawing a philosophy based on one’s religious background and personal experiences. However, these belief systems can be a pit fall when investigating anything that is unexplained. Often investigators will have presumptions about what they are investigating. These presumptions run the gamut from assuming the activity is that of a deceased human looking for the “light“, a disembodied intelligence using human “energy” to manifest, or an angry demon intent on breaking ones will. But what is “The Light”? What is this “energy” they are using from humans? These concepts, although intriguing, are not scientifically sound but rather speculative and based on ideological or theological belief systems. That is why the approach of GHC is to make an"objective observation" of occurrences that cannot be easily dismissed as misunderstanding, equipment malfunction, or physiological responses to psychological stimulus. This does not mean GHC members do not have beliefs or opinions, only that these opinions are checked at the door when an investigation begins. GHC uses audio, video, temperature, and electromagnetic field data collection to look for anomalies that can not be dismissed as any of the aforementioned natural causes. What is causing the unexplained voices, electromagnetic field spikes almost exclusively in sync with direct yes and no questions, or the rare photographic and video anomalies are up to the individual that reviews the evidence. GHC simply attempts to capture it and to help our clients understand what they are experiencing. 

Evidence And Multimedia Section

Ghosts Hunters of Charleston on DIY and HGTV's "Haunted House for Sale"

A very convincing EVP from The Old City Jail.

Headphones or full volume speakers recommended. 

GHC With NBC News on the USS Yorktown ACC

EVP "My Name's Ball!

Check out this great video

Old City Jail, EVP, what we think it says is vernacular...

This is at the old jail